Real Name: Jesus Christ
Gender: Too cool to have a gender.
Age: +2000
Birthday: 18 October
Favourite People: Oscar Wilde, Andy Warhol, Stephen Fry.
Likes: Faggottry and uniforms.
Dislikes: Bad Faggottry.

Pre-emptive FAQ
What first inspired you to draw The Five Stages?
I was bored silly one day so I thought I'd draw a comic. 'What kind of comic?' thought I, already sharpening my pencil, 'Of course! As a sappy, corny fag, I must draw a love story! But, what can I add as a twist? Of course! As a sappy, corny fag, I must draw a gay love story! How novel and interesting!'
But I was like thirteen and thus didn't write a script or anything and sort of hobbled along clumsily, drawing one of the worst things ever created.

Why did you delete the old version? What's with this new thing?
Well, I'd just completed page sixty-seven. I was just about to post it when I decided to re-read the old version. And then it hit me, like a car hits a deer: this was shit. I mean, real shit. The story was shit, the characters were shit, the plot was utter shit, and I felt embarassed to have vomited it up. So I promptly erased everything, said goodbye and promised to return within three months with a much better story. I wrote a script, re-imagined the characters and made Donald a fat bastard, Sophie Catholic, Ivan a loose follower of the Russian Orthodox church and Henry Jewish. Because I felt that was more like them. I added in some elitist references to French songs and Thomas Harris novels and voilá: The Five Stages of Love 2.0 was complete!
Then I started drawing it and the rest, as they say, is history.

When did you first get into Shounen-ai and Yaoi?
Christ, I don't know, twelve? I don't even want to think about that time, ugh. I was one of those terrible rabid fanboys, wapanese to boot. Thank Christ by the time I was fourteen I got some common sense and shed my greasy, Yaoee and Shonen-aaai tainted skin for a magnificent Actual Gay! one.
By 'actual gay!' I mean men who aren't attracted to women wih penises and catchers who don't cry like little girls during sex.

Whaaa I include myself in the above category you just trash-talked and feel offended
I haven't a fuck to give.

Where and when does this take place?
It's supposed to be set in London, mostly in a prestigious public (private for anyone non-British. I know, it's strange) school in the year 2006. After I started drawing I briefly considered moving it to the eghties but I remembered legal same-sex marriage is mentioned so I couldn't. If I ever re-write this it'll probably be set in an earlier time-frame, just because 2000+ hasn't been exactly interesting or spectacular so-far.

How long will this be, and by when do you expect to complete it?
It'll be about 170 pages long and I expect to complete it in one and a half, two years.

Can we expect more fagtastic stories from you?
You bet. I already have an idea I'm brewing up, involving a young priest called Christopher who gets humiliated and psychologically (and sometimes physically) tortured in a vast number of ways by the village sociopath.

If you have any questions about this comic, please note me. Seriously, any questions you can think of. Anything you like. Please, go nuts.
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