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Strangy, January 17th, 2009, 7:06 pm

JESUS CHRIST LOOK AT THAT FUCKING BACKGROUND I'm pretty much legally retarded.
Everything apart from panels one and two isn't too bad. I even like Henry's face in panel one.
I tried to give him a cute arse but I failed. Mentally replace it with a bum of your choice.

I don't know whether you can tell from this page, but you'll see in future chapters that Alain does a lot of oggling to compensate for his lack of touching.

I can't wait to get past chapter one (ten more pages!) because dialogues and situations are so much better in later chapters.
Oh the story has six chapters plus epilogue, if you were curious.

Advertisement, July 21st, 2018, 8:29 am

Strangy, January 17th, 2009, 7:34 pm

like chocolate, tastes so good
Page 24:
(ps: pfff i uploaded a page with a typo :v he was called 'henry deer' in the old version, so pretend alain said 'mister hirsch' all along please and thank you)

Irrlich: I think that since the Wallonian part of Belgium is so influenced by FRENCH DECADENCE (!!) they're a lot more open about hugging and kissing in public. Flanders would be a lot more open if it were influenced more by the Netherlands than by the Vlaams Belang (i hate those people so much ugghh especially since they leave anti-foreigner paneflets in my mailbox, which very clearly has a foreign name on it).

sigelina: That's be all kinds of cool, but Henry's a bit too shy to bring liquor (especially strong stuff) to a first-time meet-and-greet.

Theorah: Oh, I get a bit peeved when people just draw two dudes talking to each other while they stand completely motionless and gaping at each other. I mean, unless it's a very intense conversation (and even then) who does this in real life?
That's why I sometimes get a bit nervous when I think there's too much 'talking head' action in one page.
And I- I don't think Alain uses a single sweet nickname (dear, love, hoenybundles) in the entire story. That's just sad.

coolchan: I guess Henery's just got 'the way!'. That or really wide, sturdy glasses.
And yeah I'm pretty much telepathic like that.

E.Redemption: HACKCOUGHtheyarearen'ttheyawwwHACKCOUGH

Smackjeeves Meme thing:

Seedless Acorn: Prince Charles is a pretty cool guy. He's royialty and isn't afraid to shag half his acquaintances, wear kilts or be a twat in public.

Theorah: I think my favourite of the characters is Fag! + &#10017;!. And you're very welcome! London Underworld is a great comic, I'm just sorry I haven't commented lately. I just haven't been commenting on anything lately, for osme reason. I'll try to get over it!

The Arrival is absolutely beautiful. And, like you said, it transmitted emotion very well, too. I've given it as a gift to three of my friends already, haha :v
Maus is awesome, and also very emotional at times. The bit where Vladek gets his friend new shoes, a spoon and a belt nearly made me tear up, because of how happy his friend was because of things we take for granted. The Holocaust really was one of the wrost things.

The other comics are very good! I'm not sure whether they're available outside France and Belgium though.
Marzi is the autobiographical story of a little Polish girl, during the tough Communist times (around the time Tchernobyl happened). It's very well written and her husband draws the story wonderfully. It's often very funny, too.
Il Était Une Fois En France... is the true story of an illiterate Jewish man (I think he's Hungarian but I can't remember for sure) and how he becomes a highly successful businessman in steelworks despite not knowing how to read or write. He allies himself with the Nazis to survive through the war and lots of very interesting things happen.
Zoo tell the story of a teenaged girl, living in Germany with her adoptive father (a rather old doctor) and a young male artist (also the girl's lover, which is a bit creepy since he's a fair bit older but eh). They live together in a huge zoo the doctor's building, when they see a noseless Russian woman, travelling with gypsies. They decide to invite her to live with them, which she accepts. She's been shinned because in Russia, not having a nose means you don't have a soul (the people of her village cut hers off, presumably because she lived with a man out of marriage).
The first book is nice and happy and tells their lives, the second wolrd war starts in the second book and the last book is just really depressing. The drawings and use of colour are all wonderful and detailed. The colouring, entirely done in watercolour, changes with the mood, becoming dully gray at the series progresses.

I really do reccomend them all.

EDIT: well that turned out longer than expected.

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Irrlich (Guest), January 18th, 2009, 2:31 am

Ah, don't worry, that ass is just fine ^^
I love Alain's eyes in panel 4, so soft yet intense, he's been penting up his emotions a lot and for a long time huh? Because it looks like the bucket is spilling over. The question is, is Henry the oblivious type or will he take notice? Oooh , I can't wait to find out ^^

Ha! So you're living in Belgium too I take it? You must have some bad luck with your region though, I don't really notice much from the Vlaams Belang, my mail box just get's stuffed by pizeria flyers. I don't even like pizza that much :/
The Netherlands, I guess it depends on the region, I only really know the north part, and they are not so warm towards strangers, I feel more welcome in Flandres ^^;
Just saw your picture and I simply must mention that you look horribly adorable. Now I'm just hoping I'm not feeding an ego...

sigelina, January 18th, 2009, 4:51 am

LOL. That's just LOL. Okay, Alain, no more denying now! :D
BTW, Henry's butt is really not cute. It's delicious. *grope* :P

Theorah, January 18th, 2009, 9:14 am

lol! Henry is ridiculously oblivious and happy for an Englishman!! :D haha! I dont think his butt needs replacing, its pretty cutre and rather animated in this page 0_0
Those comics all sound really good, its a shame you dont get so many things like that in Britain, when just over the pond they have such a wide variety of things ;_;

coolchan, January 18th, 2009, 4:03 pm

Alain... I know how you feel. ;~; Comraaaade... T__T *grabby hands* No, really, I've totally been there. I'm not even that closeted, but it's still awkward, especially when the person you're gawking at is straight. *headdesk* AT LEAST YOU HAVE HOPE, ALAIN. YOU'RE IN A BL COMIC. D<


I like Alain's expressions in this page. :3

wo_chi_baozi, March 2nd, 2009, 1:10 am

That is a fucking LUSCIOUS ass.

Rabbit_L, March 14th, 2009, 3:55 pm

Che Che Che Che Wupaiiii BOING BOING...!Yes He gets hot asse.

Y Know whut, your comic is like, totally awesome! 0w0

Ok kouf kouf I love your storyline. It's very originaland realistic. Plus, it's seriously not bishi bishi like others comic.

ANYWAYS. I fav this.

everlasting-insanity, August 25th, 2009, 6:40 am

Jesus Christ he has a nice ass!

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